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Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog where I desire to bring awareness to the MS disease through my transparent everyday journey. By sharing a piece of my life, I wish to promote change and inspire those who read. Please enjoy and share these stories with someone who could use a word of encouragement.

         "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength"  - Philippians 4:13

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Keep It Real!

It’s amazing to me how people say “keep it real”! Well, that is easier said than done. I’ve always done my absolute best to be a woman of my word and for the most part I’ve done it! Of course, life happens which may cause you to adjust somethings, postpone or even cancel. During these times I may have had to have the unpleasant conversations or address the elephant in the room. Not many people like you to keep it real or make it plain; in fact, folks like to hear the fluff or make things bigger than what they are or need to be. Give it to me straight and I will manage things accordingly! Just DO NOT LIE...I cannot stand a liar! Don’t make things up thinking I wanna hear it or think that I am paying you any mind. Knock it off! Get over yourself and be honest with folks. People don’t have time for your foolishness. Seek God, search your soul and try to be better! It’s starts with being honest! God will direct your path, but you need to know him, and trust him. Remember we are not perfect, but HE truly is! Remember those less fortunate during this HOLY season, share a meal and your love📷️📷🏾📷

Happy Holidays

Ms. Ray

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You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. 
- Maya Angelou
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